Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fashions i love to have

These are the most perttyest skirts and dress ever i love these styles even a brides maid gown you can use as a dress for a night out i love trying to get new styles out of other fashions these are some of the styles i love i had to add these pic of there styles for you to see

Roamans fashions

I love doing my shopping at romans.com they have the most perttyest skirt sets and dresses anywere there so soft and so pertty check them out AT http://www.roamans.com/

On The Road

I realy love tis skirt and top its my fav to my flats feel so good i love walking the roads lol injoy

My Amazing Country/Pop SuperStar Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift as you can tell is my best superstar in the world shes so amazing!! Taylor Swift's styles are so pertty her dresses are the best as you can see ill be adding more of her soon stay tuned.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Injoying The Sun Shine

This purple dress is so amazing i had to soak up the sun in it.The wind was blowing around i thought i spin in my soft new dress i love my pink heels to i love to dress up be girly i feel like a princess

Black Lace & Silk Skirt Set

This old fashion look is amazing the lace top and the silk lace skirt make you look pertty for a day out its great to wear with boots or flats or even heels it makes me look great even with my glasses on.

Spring Time & Blue Streeks

 Springtime is my fav. time of the year fresh flowers lots of warm sunshine. i can wear my spring skirts and i colored my hair with blue streeks to welcome spring lol what ya thank?